CM Storm Enforcer

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Continuing on with its tradition of revolutionary design and cutting edge technology, CM Storm upstages the competition with its new Enforcer chassis. The new chassis contains a wealth of features coveted by most gaming enthusiasts, including USB 3.0, SSD drive support and a removable/rotatable HDD cage to support easy installation of the highest end video cards.

CM Storm has come up with a design that not only meets the expectations of its customer base, enthusiasts and esports prodigies, but does so within a price range that all will appreciate.
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Air cooling:
1. Front: 200mm Red LED fan x 1, 1000 RPM, 19 dBA
2. Rear: 120mm black fan x 1, 1200 RPM, 17 dBA
3. Top: 200mm black fan x 1 (optional)
4. Side: 120mm fan x 1 (optional) for SGC-1000-KKN1




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